Document assistance

Anyone who wants to travel to the Philippines for whatever intentions for example: business, tourism, marriage, residential, etc., needs an accurate and fast infomation over procedures, documents, visa, tourism and business advice...

Language teaching

Would you like to learn a new language? Or refine your knowledge in English, Dutch, Tagalog and Bisaya language?

Remely Translation offers her service for all beginners and advanced level.


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  • Interpretation - Translation

    • Interpretation / Translation
    • Remely Asparo Majan is a native Filipina. Her mother tongue languages are Tagalog, Bisaya and Cebuano. She graduated in Saint Paul University, Philippines with the Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education major in English and minor in Tagalog. Had passed the National Board for Teachers License in the Philippines. Her diploma was officially recognized through the Ministry of Education in Brussels. After taking an examination, she became a sworn translator in Belgian court and with this official title, she is authorized to declare the translation as certified document. She is an official translator in Dutch, English, Tagalog, Cebuano and Bisaya languages. Her signature is registered in the Court, which means that her translation is legalised.

      Specialisations and Experiences: ·

    • Judicial:
    • Court summons, Court judgements, judicial texts, judicial reports, petition/appeal..

    • All sorts of notarial deeds, judicial deeds
    • marriage contracts or agreements, notarial personal documents.. ·

    • Personal documents:
    • drivers licenses, marriage certificates, birth certificates, nationality certificates... ·

    • Commercial:
    • work contracts, work conditions, work agreements, websites, brochures, flyers ·

    • Educational:
    • books, diplomas, certificates, academical reports.. ·

    • Medical:
    • medical reports and / or documents ·

    • Audio-visual:
    • film undertitle, presentation undertitle ·

    • Interpreter
    • Remely Asparo Majan is also a sworn interpreter in the Court. She is well-experienced and sworn interpreter from and to the languages in which she is offcially recognised for interpretation in the situations such as during:

      .. police interrogations

      .. court summons

      .. lawyer investigations

      .. notarial deed information

      .. medical conversation between the doctor and patient

      .. marriage ceremonies

      .. film converstations

      .. other personal interviews

    Language teaching :

    • Individual or group lessons English, Tagalog, Bisaya or Cebuano.
    • Lesson contents: Basic
      • basic daily words and sentences
      • dictionary
      • oral and written exercises
    • Lesson contents: Advanced
      • Professional level:
      • meetings | speeches | correspondence | business communications, ...
    • Remely is approachable and flexible with regards to the practical educational organisations.
    • Lesson schedules are adjusted with your:
      • free time
      • language knowledge
    • Lesson subjects are adjusted according to the need of each student
    • Appointment and agreement will be made beforehand. She gives lessons:
      • at your home
      • at your company
      • at the place outside your company
      • distance training through skype is also possible

    Document assistance

    Anyone who wants to travel to the Philippines for whatever intentions for example:

    - Business, tourism, marriage, residential

    Who will process a whole array of documents and must follow a certain documental procedure.

    Otherwise when a Filipina wants to live in Belgium for the purpose of:

    - Marriage, family visit

    - Belgian nationality application

    - Philippine passport application

    Who will process a whole array of documents and must follow a certain documental procedure.

    Remely Translation will translate the needed official documents.

    All the translated documents will be legalised in de Court where her signature is registered as an official and sworn translator - interpreter.

    Followed by the legalisation of the documents in the Ministries, Brussels.

    Undoudtedly, she handles all information with discrecy.

    Please read carefully the general terms.

    • Bachelor's degree in Secondary Education, Saint Paul University, Philippines, major in English minor in Tagalog
    • passed the National Board for Teachers License in the Philippines
    • teachers diploma was recognised with A1 level through the Ministry of Education in Brussels, Belgium
    • passed the examination as sworn interpreter and translator in Belgium
    • passed the Institutional knowledge, legal procedures and legal terminologies course for translator / interpreter
    • a graduate of administration assistance training in Belgium
    • had finished the 6 months 'Social Law' training in Belgium
    • attended a seminar for 'The International Protection of Human Rights' in Utrecht, Netherland
    • ongoing self-study 'Migrants Rights'
    • the first Filipina teacher in Belgium for Social Integration program for:
    • English, Tagalog, Bisaya speaking newcomers and migrants
    • author of different Remely's language guides:
    • English-Dutch-Tagalog-Bisaya-French


      Remely Translation is a language service enterprise founded and managed by Remely Majan. You can approach this firm for legalised and not legalised translations, interpretations, language lessons, intercultural and integration lesson, document assistances and also for educational books.

    • Other languages can be requested beforehand !
    • Remely Translation will make contact with freelance official translators and interpreters:

    • Asian languages:
    • Japanese




    • European languages:
    • French



    • Arabic language:
    • Arabic

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    • Price per book:
    • €15,00 including VAT, exclusive mailing costs

      Offered price and bill will be sent through email.

    • For more information:

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